M23SJ_TL Male contact angled cable connector IP67

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M23SJ_TL Male contact angled cable connector IP67

Mate with M23SK_TK,M23SK_Z,M23SK_ZL

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Shell material Zinc alloy with nickel plating
Contact material Brass with gold plating
Insert material PA66
Insulation resistance 9、12针 pins: >1010mΩ          17、19针 pins: >106mΩ
Termination Crimp
Temperature range -40C 〜+125C
Mating cycle 1000
Cable outer diameter range I:4-8mm (Special order)
II: 8-13mm (Standard)
III: 12-17mm (Special order)
IP rating IP67
Coupling Threaded coupling


M23Signal series configuration table(list)
01、Male contact cable connector a、Number of contact
02、Female contact cable connector b、Coded chuck   N: Gray (Standard), S:Black (Special order)    H: Orange (Special order), X: Blue (Special order)   Y: Green (Special order), Z: Purple (Special order)
03、Male contact angled cable connector c、Cable outer diameter range                    Ⅰ: 4-8mm(Special order)   Ⅱ: 8-13mm(Standard)   Ⅲ: 12-17mm(Special order)
04、Female contact angled cable connector
05、Male contact square flange receptacle d、S:Shield    U:Unshielded
06、Female contact square flange receptacle
07、Female contact angled square flange receptacle e、Coded chuck    N: Gray (Standard), S:Black (Special order),H: Orange (Special order), X: Blue (Special order),Y: Green (Special order), Z: Purple (Special order)
08、Male contact angled square flange receptacle


Industrial applications demand robust connectivity solutions, and the Weipu M23 Series stands as a testament to reliability and performance. Designed for industrial environments, this series offers a comprehensive solution for ensuring seamless data transmission, power delivery, and signal integrity.

Key Features:

  1. Versatility: The M23 Series caters to diverse industrial needs, providing a versatile solution for various applications, including machinery, robotics, and automation.
  2. Durable Construction: Engineered with durability in mind, these connectors boast a rugged build that can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial settings, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  3. Secure Connections: The M23 connectors feature secure locking mechanisms that prevent accidental disconnections, providing a stable and reliable connection in dynamic industrial environments.
  4. IP67 Rating: To safeguard against dust and water ingress, the M23 Series comes with an IP67 rating, making it suitable for challenging industrial settings where environmental protection is crucial.
  5. Efficient Signal Transmission: With superior design and materials, the M23 connectors facilitate efficient signal transmission, minimizing signal loss and ensuring the integrity of critical data.


The Weipu M23 Series finds applications in a range of industrial scenarios, including:

  • Robotics: M23 connectors play a vital role in connecting and powering robotic systems, ensuring smooth and precise operations.
  • Automation Systems: In automated industrial processes, these connectors contribute to the seamless transmission of data and signals, enhancing the efficiency of automation systems.
  • Machinery: The M23 Series provides reliable connections in various machinery, contributing to the overall performance and functionality of industrial equipment.


Recognizing that industrial setups can have unique requirements, Weipu offers customization options for the M23 Series. Tailor the connectors to specific needs, whether it be special dimensions, materials, or other considerations.


Weipu’s M23 Series Solution is the go-to choice for industries seeking robust and reliable connectivity solutions. Whether it’s ensuring secure connections in robotic applications or enhancing the efficiency of automated systems, the M23 Series excels in meeting the diverse needs of industrial connectivity. Click for more details if you need to understand different models.

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