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  • The SP Series connectors are all IP68 connectors, threaded coupling. SP11 is the smallest plastic shell IP68 waterproof connector, and this miniature connector is one of our most popular outdoor watertight connector.
    ◆ IP rating IP68
    ◆ Salt Spray Exposure
    ◆ Temperature range:-40°C 〜+ 85°C
    ◆ Rated Current And V:13A-3A ,250V-125V
  • The Weipu SA series connectors are high-quality, versatile connectors known for their ruggedness and reliability. Designed to meet various industrial and outdoor requirements, these connectors offer excellent environmental protection and are resistant to moisture, dust, and vibrations. The SA series connectors come in different sizes and configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including LED lighting, industrial automation, and outdoor equipment. With their robust construction and secure locking mechanisms, the Weipu SA series connectors ensure seamless and dependable connections for critical operations
    Applied Range:
    ◆Mechanical keyboard
    ◆New energy battery
    ◆Electric scooter power supply
    ◆Outdoor lithium battery power supply
    ◆Other Industry Application
  • SF20 series is IP67 connector made of brass with cChrome plating, especially designed for the high-end market. With push and pull coupling, it is one of our most popular waterproof connectors. This series is available for cable to cable (in-line) and cable to panel connection. Each side can choose from male or female contact.
  • WY series is an IP55-67 waterproof connector, bayonet coupling, it is a very strong connector, designed for indoor 1 outdoor, cold or hot, shaking, vibrating hush conditions, the bayonet coupling features quick locking and anti-vibration, it is the high-end connector compare to WF and WS.
    Applied Range:
    ◆Solar power systems
    ◆Light And Sound Equipment
    ◆New energy charging equipment
    ◆Mine power equipment
    ◆Outdoor power connection
    ◆Other Industry Application
  • Introducing the Weipu WS Series: A Legacy of Excellence The Weipu WS Series stands as a testament to enduring quality and innovation within the Weipu product family. As the longest-standing product line in our repertoire, the WS Series has undergone an extensive period of refinement and enhancement to achieve a level of perfection that is truly remarkable. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, the WS Series embodies our dedication to providing reliable and cutting-edge solutions. Explore the WS Series, where a legacy of quality meets the pinnacle of performance.
  • WF series is a IP55-67 waterproof connector, threaded coupling, it is a very strong connector, designed for indoor I outdoor, cold or hot , hush conditions.
  • WEIPU SY series is an IP55-67 waterproof connector with bayonet coupling. SY Series are very robust connectors, designed for indoor and outdoor, any harsh environment. The bayonet coupling features quick locking and anti-vibration, and is a high-end connector compared to WF and WS.
  • Mate with M23DK_TK,M23DK_Z,M23DK_TL,M23DK_ZL
  • RJ45F connector is used to connect standard Ethernct Class D /Cat.5e and Class E/cat 6(10 Base T,100 basc TX, 1000 Base T net works ) in outdoor or water proof harsh working environment . no need soldering,easy to connect, it is widely use in communications,LED boards,security monitoring,automation control etc.