WY series Bayonet stable Waterproof IP55-IP67

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WY series Bayonet stable Waterproof IP55-IP67

WY series is an IP55-67 waterproof connector, bayonet coupling, it is a very strong connector, designed for indoor 1 outdoor, cold or hot, shaking, vibrating hush conditions, the bayonet coupling features quick locking and anti-vibration, it is the high-end connector compare to WF and WS.

Applied Range:
◆Solar power systems
◆Light And Sound Equipment
◆New energy charging equipment
◆Mine power equipment
◆Outdoor power connection
◆Other Industry Application


01、Series code
02、Panel hole cutout diameter(16、20、24、28、32、40、48、55)
03、Contact gender         J: Male contact     K: Female contact
04、Number of solder contact:  2、3、4、5、6、7、8、9、10、11、12、13、15、16、17、19、20、24、26、27、31、38、40、42、53、61
     Number of crimp contact:2、3、4、5、6、7、8、9、10、12、15、19、31、38、42、61
05、Termination type:       1:Solder(default,no mark)  -2:Screw (for Φ2.5,Φ3,Φ3.5mm contact)  -3:Crimp
06、Shell structure and  cable fix type :   Z:Square flange receptacle
ZM:Round flange receptacle
ZMQ:Front-nut-mount receptacle
ZG:2-hole flange receptacleStraight:
TE:Plug with metal clamping-nut
ZEB:Receptacle with metal clamping-nut B (for WY16-28)
ZE:Receptacle with metal clamping-nut (for WY32-55)
TI:Plug  with cable clamping plates
ZIB:Receptacle with cable clamping plates B (for WY16-28)
ZI:Receptacle with cable clamping plates (for WY32-55)
TB:Plug for plastic-hoset
ZBB:Receptacle for plastic-hose B (for WY16-28)
ZB:Receptacle for plastic-hose (for WY32-55)
TX:Plug with strain relief
ZXB:In-line receptacle with anti-bending sleeveAngled:
TU:Plug with metal clamping-nut
TV:Plug with cable clamping plates
TW:Plug for plastic-hose
Remarks:The rated current decreases according to the number of contacts, more contacts, less rated current.
Number of contact:                             1~3 / 4~10 / 11~20 / 21~30 / 31~40 / 41~50 / 51~61
Rated current dacrease rate(%):         0       10         20         30          40         50         60

In the realm of industrial connectivity, Weipu’s WY Series emerges as a pinnacle of reliability, seamlessly combining precision engineering with waterproof excellence. Similar to its counterparts, the WS Series, the WY Series stands as a testament to Weipu’s commitment to setting new standards in industrial connectivity.

Precision in Design:
The WY Series shares the robust casing design of the WS Series, ensuring durability and resilience in challenging industrial environments. This shared casing not only underscores Weipu’s dedication to maintaining consistency in quality but also reinforces the brand’s commitment to providing connectors that can endure the rigors of diverse applications.

Bayonet Locking and Waterproof Mastery – IP67 Rating:
What distinguishes the WY Series is its mastery in waterproofing combined with bayonet locking. With an impressive IP67 rating, these connectors ensure protection against dust and immersion in water up to a meter deep. The addition of bayonet locking provides a secure, quick, and tool-free connection, enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.

Versatility and Adaptability:
Weipu’s WY Series goes beyond robustness; it’s about adaptability. These connectors offer versatility in application, making them suitable for various industries such as marine, medical, and automation. The adaptability of the WY Series makes it a go-to choice for engineers and project managers seeking a connector solution that can meet the demands of their unique environments.

Global Trust and Recognition:
Weipu’s reputation for delivering high-performance connectors is globally recognized. The WY Series continues this legacy, earning the trust of industries worldwide. Whether it’s ensuring secure connections in marine applications or maintaining precision in medical equipment, the WY Series is the dependable choice.

Click for Details:
For a deeper understanding of the WY Series and to explore the full range of Weipu connectors, click here for details. Weipu remains dedicated to providing not just connectors but solutions that empower industries to connect with confidence.

In conclusion, the Weipu WY Series stands as a symbol of Weipu’s commitment to innovation, precision, and reliability. Combining bayonet locking for quick connections with waterproof and secure features, these connectors are engineered to navigate the challenges of modern industrial connectivity. Explore the WY Series and discover a new era in connecting with confidence.

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