63A(3P+N+PE)Socket with mechanical interlock TYP9924 IP67

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63A(3P+N+PE)Socket with mechanical interlock TYP9924 IP67

Tpyr is the latest Weipu product upgraded from the original typ series.
◆ Higher toughness
◆ Antiskid feel upgrade
◆ More convenient to open
◆ The tail clamping claw has better waterproof performance


Surface mounted socket
Cable Inlet: in tail opening
One bottom hole (closed)
More wiring space
Min wire size(mm²): 6
Max wire size(mm²): 25

Weipu CEE Waterproof Connector Solution: Navigating Connectivity Challenges in Global Projects

In the dynamic realm of connectivity, the Weipu CEE Waterproof Connector Solution stands out as a beacon of reliability and innovation. This solution has been instrumental in diverse high-profile projects, underscoring its adaptability and robust performance.

Sealing Success: The Weipu CEE Advantage

Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and Bird’s Nest Project

Weipu CEE Waterproof Connectors made an indelible mark on one of the world’s grandest spectacles—the Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and the iconic Bird’s Nest project. In high-stakes events demanding precision and reliability, Weipu CEE Connectors demonstrated seamless performance.

Shanghai World Expo Opening Ceremony

For the grandeur of the Shanghai World Expo Opening Ceremony, Weipu CEE Waterproof Connectors provided the required connectivity solutions capable of withstanding the rigor of a global event, exceeding expectations in the process.

China Export Commodities Fair Pazhou International Exhibition

In the domain of international trade, the China Export Commodities Fair Pazhou International Exhibition bears witness to the adaptability of Weipu CEE Connectors. These connectors facilitated reliable connections amid the bustling atmosphere of commerce.

Urban Connectivity: Subway Networks in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

The sprawling subway networks of major Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, rely on Weipu CEE Waterproof Connectors for their intricate systems. In underground environments where durability is non-negotiable, these connectors have proven their mettle.

Engineering Marvel: Yangtze Three Gorges Closure Project

The Yangtze Three Gorges Closure Project, an engineering marvel, demanded connectivity solutions capable of withstanding challenging conditions. Weipu CEE Waterproof Connectors emerged as the connectors of choice, contributing to the success of this ambitious project.

Beyond Boundaries: Unveiling the Weipu CEE Advantage

  1. Exceptional Waterproofing: Boasting an IP68 rating, these connectors ensure unparalleled protection against water and dust ingress, making them indispensable for projects in diverse environments.
  2. Durable Construction: The robust design of Weipu CEE Connectors, featuring high-quality materials, guarantees longevity even in the most demanding applications.
  3. Global Recognition: Weipu CEE Connectors have earned international recognition and trust, showcased through their participation in globally significant projects.
  4. Versatility Across Industries: From monumental events to critical infrastructure, Weipu CEE Waterproof Connectors have demonstrated their versatility across a spectrum of industries.

In conclusion, Weipu CEE Waterproof Connectors have earned their place in the success stories of iconic projects globally. As we delve into the solution’s journey through these projects, it becomes evident that Weipu CEE Connectors are more than components—they are enablers of connectivity in the most challenging scenarios.

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