The length of the cable bay is not always sufficient for a cable line, so it is necessary to connect cable segments of different lengths. The connections of cables and wires are a weak point since the standard protective insulation of the cable is broken and is subject to oxidation and water penetration. In addition, the broken mechanical integrity of the cable line requires restoration. Therefore, special cable connectors are used to solve the problems. This article will consider the main cable connectors types, features, and advantages.


Overview of Cable Connectors

The cable connector is a tube made of conductive metal or alloy into which the bare wires are inserted and compressed. Such a connection is more reliable than traditional twisting. On the other hand, cable connectors are offered in two standard designs.

The first one provides a bolt clamp. After inserting the cores, the bolts in the connector housing are tightened until the bolt head breaks, providing the necessary clamping force. The failure of the bolt connector head ensures the oxide film’s destruction during installation work. In addition, the necessary resistance of the cable line to rupture is achieved.

The second design is a crimp, which allows the connector deformation to fasten the ends of the cable tightly.

Types of Cable Connectors

  • Tubular connectors are one of the most widely used for crimping. We can allocate products to copper cable and aluminum cable. These connectors come in various sizes and the version with and without insulation. Tubular connectors are suitable for cables with a core cross-section from 0.5 mm2 to 625 mm2. On the other hand, a  reduction connector allows you to connect wires of different sizes, for example, 150 m2 and 50 mm2. In addition, there is also a parallel connector and a sealed connector.
  • Bolted connectors are mounted at the ends of the cables using breakable bolts. The connection is strong and secure. One of the features of bolted connectors is that you can use one connector for copper and aluminum wires of different core cross-sections and structures.
  • Bimetallic connectors – they connect copper and aluminum wires without cells at the border of these two materials.
  • REKIN connectors — the sharp teeth of the connector pierce the enameled insulation of copper and aluminum wires, resulting in a connection.

Features and Benefits of Cable Connectors

  • The central conductor of the cable enters the rear socket of the connector;
  • The built-in voltage relief mechanism ensures the movement of the central conductor of the cable;
  • Cable connectors are easily replaced without desoldering;
  • Interchangeability of connector types for unmatched flexibility;
  • The elimination of solder on the central conductor has more stable electrical characteristics.


What Are the Advantages of Circular Connectors?

Circular connectors are increasingly used in electronics due to their advantages over rectangular counterparts. Due to their structure, one of their immediate advantages is that they can group multiple contacts in a compact space, providing an economical and simple solution for disconnecting and reconnecting cables from their devices. However, they are also convenient for:

  • Placement of various types of contacts;
  • Tolerance of contacts with different currents due to a wide range of permissible voltages;
  • Hermetic seal where an absolute integer connection is required;
  • Provides high mechanical performance in environmentally demanding applications.

Cable connectors are very popular among industrial applications as one type of circular connector. The strength of crimping on cables is a great advantage of these products. Regarding cable connectors, WEIPU has launched various solutions, including the WEIPU SP Series. WEIPU SP Series are IP68 connectors with threaded coupling and high-temperature resistance, allowing transmitting power, data, and signals in harsh environments.

Why Choose WEIPU

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WEIPU cable connector is an ideal solution for various industrial devices. If you are looking for a reliable supplier, contact us.