SA611/P SA611/S In-line cable connector IP67

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SA611/P SA611/S In-line cable connector IP67

Mate with SA610


Coupling Push-pull
Shell material Anodized aluminium
Insert material PPS, max temperature 260 *C
Contact material Brass with gold plating
Termination Solder:SA6,SA8,SA10,SAI2,SA16,SA20,SA28
Crimp: SA16,SA20,SA28
Screw: SA20,SA28
Cable outer diameter range SA20: 13・16mm
SA6: 3.5-4mm     SA12: I: 4-6.5mm(default,no mark),II: 5-8mm
SA8: 4-5mm       SA16:1: 5-8mm (default,no mark),II: 8-l2mm
SA10:4-6.5mm    SA20: 8-12mm
IP rating IP67
Mating cycle 500
Temperature range – 40C~+85C
Insulation resistance 2000 MΩ


01、Insert retainer ★08、Contact
★02、Contact 09、Clamping ring
03、Panel connector shell 10、O ring
04、Inter facial seal 11、Back shell
05、Insert 12、Compression nut
06、Coupling spring 13、Rubber ring
★Each side can be male or female contact 

SA6 IP67 Series configuration table(list)
01、Cable connector(>SA610/P_ _    >SA610/S_ _) a、Male contact 
02、In-line cable connector(>SA611/P_ _    >SA611/S_ _) b、Colour:B: Black  S: Silver  L: Blue(special order)  G: Green(special order)
03、Rear-nut mount(>SA612/P_ _    >SA612/S_ _) c、Number of contact
04、Front-nut mount(>SA615/P_ _    >SA615/S_ _) d、Fmale contact 



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