WF-TA series Plug with plastic clamping-nut

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WF-TA series Plug with plastic clamping-nut

Threaded, Zinc alloy with chrome plating, PPS


Coupling Threaded
Shell material Zinc alloy with chrome plating
Insert material PPS, max temperature 260 °C
Contact material Brass with gold plating
Termination Solder:φ1、φ1.5、φ2.5、φ3.5、φ5,5mm;
Screw: φ2.5、φ3、φ3.5mm;
Crimp: φ1、φ1.5、φ2.5、φ3.5、φ5.5、φ10mm
Mating cycle 500
Temperature range -40°C 〜+ 85°C

WF Series configuration table(list)
01、Plug with plastic clamping-nut IP65 11、Front-nut-mount receptacle IP67
02、Plug for plastic-hose IP55 12、2-hole flange receptacle with cap IP67 (cap IP44)
03、Plug with metal clamping-nut IP67 13、In-line receptacle with plastic clamping-nut IP65
04、Plug with cable clamping plates  IP65 14、In-line receptacle for plastic-hose IP55
05、Plug with strain relief  IP67 15、In-line receptacle with metal clamping-nut  IP67
06、Plug with angled back shell and metal clamping-nut IP65 16、In-line receptacle with cable clamping plates  IP65
07、Plug with angled back shell and cable clamping plates IP65 17、n-line receptacle with anti-bending sleeve IP67
08、Plug with angled back shell for plastic-hose IP55
09、Square flange receptacle IP67
10、Round flange receptacle IP67

Solder contact specCrimp contact spec

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