WEIPU WY-ZM Series Round Connector

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WEIPU WY-ZM Series Round Connector

Flange panel receptacle IP67, Threaded, Zinc alloy with chrome plating, PPS

WEIPU WY-ZM waterproof connectors are round pin connectors. WEIPU connector provides you with different round connector types which are durable and have high temperature resistant feature (max temperature 260 °C). With Zinc with chrome plating material, this round pin socket ensures high security and super stable connection. It’s an ideal waterproof circular connector for your industry.


Coupling Threaded
Shell material Zinc alloy with chrome plating
Insert material PPS, max temperature 260 °C
Contact material Brass with gold plating
Termination Solder:φ1、φ1.5、φ2.5、φ3.5、φ5,5mm;
Screw: φ2.5、φ3、φ3.5mm;
Crimp: φ1、φ1.5、φ2.5、φ3.5、φ5.5、φ10mm
Mating cycle 500
Temperature range -40°C 〜+ 85°C

WEIPU WY Series Round Connectors Configuration Table(List)
01、Plug with metal clamping-nut IP67 09、Round flange panel receptacle  IP67
02、Plug with cable clamping plates  IP65 10、Front flange panel receptacle  IP67
03、Plug with cable clamping plates  IP65 11、2-hole flange panel receptacle with cap IP67 (Cap IP44)
04、Plug with strain relief IP67 12、In-line receptacle with metal clamping-nut  IP67
05、Plug with angled back shell and metal clamping-nut IP66 13、In-line receptacle with cable clamping plates IP65
06、Plug with angled back shell and cable clamping plates IP65 14、In-line receptacle for plastic-hose IP55
06、Plug with angled back shell and cable clamping plates IP65 15、In-line receptacle with anti-bending sleeve IP67
07、Plug with angled back shell for plastic-hose IP55
08、Square flange panel receptacle  IP67

WEIPU WY-ZM Round Connectors Specification

Solder contact specCrimp contact spec

WEIPU specializes in high performance standard and high-quality circular connectors, industrial connector, heavy duty connector, distribution box series and cable assembly for various applications in harsh environments that meets the unique needs of all customers.

Industrial Application

Model: WY-ZM Series Round Connector

Function: Round  connectors designed for various industrial applications, such as rail transit, medical, automation industry.

How WEIPU Round Connectors Can Help Your Application

WEIPU WY-ZM waterproof connectors are designed for the maximum efficiency and versatility. With the latest and advanced technology, this round pin connector can help customers transmit power, data and signal efficiently. We research and develop round connectors and related accessories independently, which you can purchase from WEIPU one source to save your sourcing and assembling time.

Customized Services

WEIPU provides customized connector solutions for customers. WEIPU waterproof connector offers individual solutions based on the data and needs provided by different customers.

  • One-to-one professional pre-sales and after-sales service
  • One stop solution to save your time and money
  • Dedicated 24-hour online customer service group


WEIPU  is a professional manufacturer of industrial connectors and has cooperated with many large-scale supporting projects in the past 25 years. For example:

  • Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and Bird’s Nest project supporting projects
  • Shanghai World Expo Opening Ceremony and supporting projects
  • China Export Commodities Fair Pazhou International Exhibition
  • Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Subway Network supporting projects
  • Yangtze Three Gorges Closure Project

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